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Is it possible in matlab to check if a value is empty and if it is empty assign a value, else (if it is not empty) increment the value during an assignment ?

For example:

In this code I increment majorityList{l}, though at the start this cell is empty (not 0), therefore i can't increment it. This means I need to check this first before I can increment it. Can this be done during the assignment itself ?

 majorityList{l,2} = 'test'; 
 majorityList{l}=  majorityList{l}+1; 

A solution I wrote is:

if length(majorityList{l})==0 
     majorityList{l} = 0;
     majorityList{l} = majorityList{l} +1;
    majorityList{l} = majorityList{l} +1; 

though this looks rather ugly for something so easy...

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It is uselss to write majorityList{l} = majorityList{l} +1; on both side of the else. Just write it once after the end. –  Oli Oct 3 '12 at 21:34

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Use isempty for that

if ~isempty(var)

If on the other hand you do not know, if the variable exists at all, use exist.

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If you are incrementing single-value variables, and not matrices elementwise, you can do the one-liner, no-checker

var = sum(var) + 1; 

Sum will give 0 for empty matrices and the actual value of var otherwise (as single-element sum). From the non-empty outputs of operators on empty matrices, sum will give a correct output for both empty and non-empty values.

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+1: very hacky, I like it :) –  Rody Oldenhuis Oct 4 '12 at 4:59

If you know you're going to increment it in a loop, the easiest solution is just to initialize majorityList to zero outside the loop:

majorityList{1} = 0;
while loop==running
    majorityList{1} = majorityList{1}+1;
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