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I have an iPhone and a iPad version of my app on appstore and would like to ask for some advice how to handle this situation.

I have sold approx. 8 - 9.000 iPhone copies and approx. 2 - 3.000 iPad copies of the app.

I have recently published an english version of the app. where i converted the code to XCODE 4.x with Storyboard and Universal. I have then translated the english version to Swedish and submitted it to appstore as separate iPhone and iPad versions even if the project is universal. The reason for this is that i have the two current apps as separate iPhone and iPad.

I would like to get some advice, before I accept and publish, how to handle this situation? Should i submit universal for both the apps and should i cancel the iPad version etc.

Could someone nice please give me some advice how to proceed so i keep my users ...

Also, i guess it is better to have one code base with multiple languages than different separate apps for different languages.

Also is it possible in one way or another to have different app names in app store depending on what language store?

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If you have two apps in the app store, then you will need to keep both apps for now. However, I would only update the iPhone version to be universal and not update the iPad one ever. Or perhaps update the iPad one, only to have it push a notification that they should download the new app (The old iPhone one that is now universal) and from then on work on only that app. This will keep your current user base happy, while it also wil allow you to only have to worry about updating one app.

Perhaps you can make it better if you only have to worry about one app.

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Unfortunately, if you already have 2 apps in the app store, you won't be able to convert it to a universal app and distribute only one app to update both previous versions. You'll have to maintain 2 apps.

I would suggest that you push a universal app to your iPhone users and, for your iPad app users' version, I'd add some kind of message to go download the new universal app.

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Hi, Thanks for your answer. I know that but do you think i should update the two apps to universal? –  PeterK Oct 3 '12 at 19:48

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