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I am trying to set up sublime text 2 with PHP, but I am having some trouble getting the snippets to work. I have loaded a PHP project and see that the syntax is correctly set to PHP. When I go to preferences -> browse -> packages _>php , I can see a number of PHP snippets that I am unable to activate including $_files $_get ,$post. As far as I can tell, the tab trigger for these are '$_'


but this does not generate any snippets being displayed, when I try it in a php file.

Can anyone give me advice on what to do next?

Thank you,


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I've done this twice now - Just leaving a note for future people who may come across this. Make sure the spelling on the file name is correct, e.g. it ends in .sublime-snippet – Trevor Senior Dec 17 '12 at 22:37
Thanks for that – user61629 Dec 18 '12 at 17:59
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Works on my Sublime Text 2, but only within the <?php ?> tags, not just in a file called .php.

Typing "$_ + TAB" within <?php ?> tags gives a list of all the $_ Snippets COOKIE, FILES, ENV, etc...

My next steps would be:

  • Do other Snippets work?
  • Did you create a Snippet that could overrule the $_ ?
  • Re-install ;-)
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when I reinstalled it started to work - ? - I'm not sure why. Thank you – user61629 Oct 8 '12 at 13:18

You enabled the source for php, you can only be call this snippet in your php file only.

  1. create new file and save as somename.php
  2. write <?php after
  3. type $_ and hit TAB or Ctrl + Space

It generates the snippet, lets happy coding.

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