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I downloaded the Objectify 3.1 lib from, and when I follow the guides, they say I should annotate my @Entity objects with @Id and @Index, but those aren't included in the lib at all!

My com.googlecode.objectify.annotation package only includes these annotations:

  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.AlsoLoad.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Cached.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Entity.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Indexed.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.NotSaved.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Parent.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Serialized.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Subclass.class
  • com.googlecode.objectify.annotation.Unindexed.class

Please help! Thanks!

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Objectify 3.1 uses javax.persistence.Id, rather than an Id annotation inside its own package. I believe that the rationale for this was that one should use a standard annotation rather than something library-specific. In any case, Objectify 4 (which has many very nice improvements) has the Id annotation defined inside the jar... I suspect because your question was not unusual.

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