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I am developing an installer and I need to create a settings file written in YAML. This file has some placeholders that need to fill with data provided by the user. The code where I read the file is as follows:

f = open ('settings.py', 'w +')
settings = open (path + '/ settings_model.yaml', 'r').read()
settings% (user_var)
f.write (settings)
f.close ()

And the settings_model.yaml file is something like:

"" "PATH = '% s'" ""

When I run the script, the placeholder is not filled

"" "PATH = '% s'" ""

How I can do to achieve that placeholder filled correctly?

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looks like the third line should be settings = settings % (user_var). Or without the parentheses. –  Junuxx Oct 3 '12 at 20:22
of course you have to assign the result of the operation back to the settings variable settings = settings % user_var –  catalin.costache Oct 3 '12 at 20:23

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At first glance, I would say you need to assign the result of your %-operation somewhere:

settings = settings % user_var

In stead of

settings% (user_var)

(the () around the user_var make no difference, if you want it to be a tuple, use (user_var, ), but this is besides the point, both should work).

Somehow the whole thing doesn't feel very safe or secure, but you only asked for a fix of your code ;)

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Thanks for the reply. The problem was that the contents of the settings file was wrapped in quotes. Moreover I also pass over to assignment after modifying the variable settings. –  Topicus Oct 4 '12 at 19:00

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