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When I use JSON.stringify on a query object, it only includes the "attributes" and ignores the rest. How do I stringify the entire object?

My query to Parse, logging the results with and without stringify:

    // load races from Parse    
    var Events = Parse.Object.extend("Events");
    var query = new Parse.Query(Events);

    query.equalTo("theYear", currentYear);

      success: function(results) {
        forgeLog("Got "+results.length+" Events from Parse");

        forgeLog("First object in array logged directly:");

        forgeLog("First object in array with stringify:");
      error: function(error) {
          forgeLog("Error getting Events from Parse");  

The object logged directly:

    { attributes: 
     { Name: 'McCalls Motorworks',
       raceId: '0',
       sortOrder: 2,
       theYear: 2012 },
    _operations: {},
    _dirty: {},
    _hashedJSON: {},
    _escapedAttributes: {},
    cid: 'c0',
    id: 'To6lLjzwQw',
    createdAt: '2012-08-09T13:51:29.259Z',
    updatedAt: '2012-08-10T13:23:07.280Z',
    _setting: false,
     { Name: 'McCalls Motorworks',
       raceId: '0',
       sortOrder: 2,
       theYear: 2012 } 

The object logged with stringify:

    {"Name":"McCalls Motorworks","raceId":"0","sortOrder":2,"theYear":2012}

Update: I actually just tested myself and it works when I manually define the object by cut and pasting the first object and defining the variable myself. However, when I stringify the result directly after receiving it from Parse (as in example code), it only returns the attributes portion...yet the first object is what I copied directly from my console when logging the result from Parse before attempting to stringify.

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On which platform? Works fine for me in Safari 6.0.1 – Claude Oct 3 '12 at 20:25
Seems fine to me too (tested in Chrome 22). – James Allardice Oct 3 '12 at 20:25
Please define "entire object". What is missing exactly? – Lewis Diamond Oct 3 '12 at 20:25
@LewisDiamond He seemed pretty clear about that: 'includes the "attributes" and ignores the rest.' – Barmar Oct 3 '12 at 20:28
@Barmar "attributes" can refer to properties of the object, to his property called "attributes", or maybe something else. His pasted output is an output? Or is it the input? Does he mean stringify discards the functions? Or something else. This question certainly needs clarifications. – Lewis Diamond Oct 3 '12 at 20:31

yap i have also checked on many of browser but getting everything working fine its not giving any problem manually

what i think you are directly setting parser value in JSON.stringify some times it happens with js

try one thing intialize it in some object and pass that object in JSON.stringify may it work

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Héctor from Parse was able to explain it to me:

This is because createdAt, objectId, updatedAt, are not attributes. They are properties of the object itself, so they are not being picked up by the JSON serializer.

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