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I am using InfoPath 2010 and publish my form to a document library. On my form (that is emailed to the user) I generate a link that takes the user back to the list item so they can quickly return to the item for approvals or editing. The link is generated like so:

concat(SharePointSiteUrl(), "_layouts/FormServer.aspx
?XmlLocation=", SharePointListUrl(), fileName, ".xml
&Source=", SharePointListUrl(), "Forms/AllItems.aspx

and generates a valid URL like:


When I published this site as a CONTENT TYPE this link no longer worked. When I viewed the output of the link that was generated, it appeared that the built in function SharePointListUrl() no longer returned anything. I have to assume that this will not work with Content Types but I have found no reference to this being fact. My work around has been to simply hard code in the missing values.

Any help is appreciated!

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Why don't you just paste your SharePointSiteURL() into a form field and promote that field to the list. Then you can just use the promoted field that contains your URL to build your email via workflow?

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