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So whenever I try to run I always get the error

from pyglet.input.evdev import get_devices
ImportError: No module named input.evdev

How would I fix this? I am on Mac OSX 10.6.8 running Python 2.7.3. I have pyglet 1.1.4 and gletools (i forget the version).

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"I've now found that the piece of example code will only run with OpenGL 4.0. Changing that line to not include .evdev fixed the problem" is quote from a similar problem found here. Maybe it will help you out...

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This is not an answer, just a long comment:

Go to a terminal and type

>>> import pyglet
>>> pyglet.__file__

You should get some output which will show you the path to the pyglet module. Go to that directory and confirm that there is a subdirectory called input, and a file inside input called

You should find some kind of error. Maybe the file does not exist, or has the wrong permissions, or...?

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