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I'm writing functionality in Python to ensure the existence, type, and size of mongodb collections. Most of these collections are capped. I know that the mongo shell includes mycollection.iscapped(), but pymongo does not seem to support this functionality.

Within the context of pymongo, what is the best way to tell if a collection is capped collection?

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Calling mycollection.options() returns a dict with 'capped': True if it's a capped collection.

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Yeah, this way is better yet. – Chuck Oct 3 '12 at 21:02

Found it.

# Where db is a pymongo database object
>>> db.command('collstats','mycollection')
{u'count': 308291, u'ns': u'mydb.mycollection', u'ok': 1.0, u'lastExtentSize': 83890176, u'avgObjSize': 256.10971452296695, u'max': 2147483647, u'totalIndexSize': 20407296, u'flags': 0, u'capped': 1, u'numExtents': 1, u'nindexes': 1, u'storageSize': 83890176, u'indexSizes': {u'tem_1_tbm_1_ip1_1_ip2_1_p2_1': 20407296}, u'paddingFactor': 1.0, u'size': 78956320}

Note 'capped': 1.

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