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I created a frameless window using the new Google Chrome packaged apps, v2

I created the minimize, maximize, and close buttons and hocked them to the appropriate JavaScript functions and have them working.

I don’t know who to check if the window is already maximized in JavaScript, any ideas?

The following example is showing how to minimize a window, it took me some time to understand it and implement it, and it works. https://github.com/GoogleChrome/chrome-app-samples/blob/master/frameless-window/style.css

The maximize button have to restore the window if maximized, and if you double click the window title bar it maximized but I don’t get any events.

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This is currently not possible. Bug 134068 is filed for querying the properties of a window, and bug 134070 is filed for getting events when they change.

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Seems to be possible now that those mentioned bugs were fixed in the last few weeks.

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