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I have started doing review tasks in here lately (editing first posts/late answers etc.).

  • At first I was trying to edit from Firefox itself
  • and then I started copying to Vim and do the formatting there
  • shortly I discovered it's all text plugin for Firefox to edit multi-line text fields

So now I'm trying to find the next step which will eliminate all those mouse clicks(edit/submit etc.) to do the job solely on Vim. The current interface in Firefox (giving you the next first post with one click) seems quite capable to be integrated into Vim itself so I was wondering if/how it is possible to achieve this?

If not, what are some good practices you have?

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Especially due to the increasingly rich user interfaces (and the underlying JavaScript requirement) of modern web applications like Stack Overflow, I would recommend against moving out of the browser, especially because implementing a Vim-based client (though possible with tools like curl, wget, or even available libraries like webapi.vim) is a lot of effort.

I find it already quite efficient to use your mentioned Firefox add-on (I've since moved to Pentadactyl, a Vimperator fork), and a separate GVIM instance, especially if you streamline this. I've described in a blog post how to automatically set the markdown filetype for Stack Overflow text areas.

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Well, here's one approach:

  1. Install Vimperator, the awesom Vim-like plugin for Firefox
  2. Add the following to ~/.vimperatorrc

    autocmd LocationChange .* :set editor="xterm -x vim"

Vim editor in a browser controlled by vim keypresses, no mouse necessary. Win. (Substite your xterm of choice, btw)

Another way to do it is to switch to the terminal and use w3m. Easy enough to configure that to use vim as the editor. Not so easy to use stackoverflow without JavaScript, though.

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I had once used vimperator and "numbering all links in the page" wasn't really convenient to me. I was more hoping something like :FetchNewPost() or :UpdateCurrentPost() functions from vim. – gokcehan Oct 3 '12 at 21:09

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