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Given the follow text format, how can I get the 'User number' value in-between the brackets? The format is the same, but the values within the brackets change from file to file.

User name [michael]
User age [25]
User number [2432]
User city [Memphis]
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What have you tried? –  Martin Büttner Oct 3 '12 at 21:23
my user_number = $file_as_string =~ /User number [(\d+)]/; I was hoping that would return 'User number [2432]', but it returns a long integer and messes up $file_as_string. First time using perl and I'm editing another person's script, so I'm sure this is simple and I'm just making really beginners mistakes. –  E T Oct 3 '12 at 21:27
That is actually close. You just forgot to include the [ and ] (see my answer). Regexes match on a per-character basis, and your regex tells the regex engine that it expects the digit right after the space after "User number". –  Martin Büttner Oct 3 '12 at 21:29

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Solution 1:

my ($number) = $file_as_string =~ /User number \[(\d+)\]/; 

Regular expression match returns captured values only in list context (that's why my (...) instead of just my ...)

Solution 2:

my $number;
$file_as_string =~ /User number \[(\d+)\]/
     and $number = $1;

It also saves captured in special variables $1, $2 and so on, but be careful: if the match was unsuccessful, leftover $1 value from earlier successful match may sneak into your variable (hence and - $number will be undef unless string matched).

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To retrieve only the user number, you could do this:

/User number \[(\d*)\]/

Now the number will be found in the first capturing group (defined by the parens ()). It's important that you escape the [ and ] because they are special characters in regular expressions, denoting character classes.

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