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I need to throw exception from Grails service. But :

  1. The exception has to be "checked" so that Hibernate would not rollback upon throwing that exception. But looks like the base exception class in Grails ( "GrailsException" ) is unchecked (extented from RuntimeException). Is there any checked exception exists in Grails that I can extend for my purpose? If not how can I create a checked exception class in Grails?

  2. I am not very clear about when an exception can be called "checked" or "unchecked"? May be, more specifically, my question is what is a checked exception and what are the characteristics of it?

I can provide code example if more clarification on my question is required. I tried:

class MyException extends GrailsException { 

and it's rolling back the transaction on this exception

Thanks in advance

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How/where do you 'catch' this exceptions after throwing? –  Igor Artamonov Oct 3 '12 at 22:12
For Q.2 see… –  nickdos Oct 4 '12 at 0:21

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There's no requirement that you subclass any Grails exception - extend java.lang.Exception or any other checked exception as your base class.

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