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I was wondering if hbase-0.90.0 has any known problems related to multiple clients writing to the same row at the same time. In my setup, there are >10 nodes writing to the same HBase table, and some times (very rarely) I'm seeing data not being written to the table, I log exceptions etc and I see none. One possibility is that multiple nodes are writing to the same row at once, and I was wondering if that could be causing this behavior. Thanks!

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What version of Hadoop you are using - some old version did not have durable sync and could lose data:

HBase will lose data unless it is running on an HDFS that has a durable sync implementation. Hadoop 0.20.2, Hadoop, and Hadoop DO NOT have this attribute. Currently only Hadoop versions 0.20.205.x or any release in excess of this version -- this includes hadoop 1.0.0 -- have a working, durable sync [6]. Sync has to be explicitly enabled by setting dfs.support.append equal to true on both the client side -- in hbase-site.xml -- and on the serverside in hdfs-site.xml (The sync facility HBase needs is a subset of the append code path).

see here for all details

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