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I have a QTP script that interacts with a webpage. Occasionally, this webpage will pop-up dialogs that interfere with the rest of the test, and need to dismissed with a simple "OK" before I can continue running the test.

Recovery Scenarios are supposed to take care of this exact situation, but try as I might, QTP will never recognize the pop-up. The recovery scenario is set to trigger upon seeing a dialog with "Window title: Message from webpage". I used the object spy so I know that this is the correct identification.

Attached is the dialog box that the webpage occasionally displays. Very simple dialog, so why won't QTP recognize it?

Message from webpage dialog box

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Turns out, my Recovery Scenario was built correctly, but the problem I had was that QTP didn't know when to activate the Recovery Scenarios.

Go to File > Settings > Recovery, highlight the recovery scenario you want to have activate, then change Activate recovery scenarios to On every step.

By default, the recovery scenarios are only activated when QTP throws an error, not when your web page throws an error. Lastly, having the recovery scenario check every step will probably degrade performance.

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You should inspect when this window appears like a page refresh, opening a new window or clicking on a button, or operating on a page for 2 long. Then since this is a standard window you get, why don't you add in Object repository. Then create a function which checks for this window's existence call this function when any of the suspected scenarios happen. this will not degrade the performance badly comapred to recovery scenario.

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That would work if there was a pattern to when the dialog appears, but the web page is completely a black box and the dialog appears at completely random times. But you are right that if there was a way to predict when the dialog might occur, to check for and handle the dialog then. – Eptin Jan 23 '13 at 0:06

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