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When I try to print the first 5 lines of 'result.txt' containing the word 'CHAPTER', using the following command:

-grep -A 5 "CHAPTER" warandpeace.txt

I don't get what I am looking for.

what is wrong with my command?

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What is contained in result.txt, do you get an error, what's the output you're seeing, etc.? We need more information to be able to diagnose. –  ghoti Oct 3 '12 at 22:00
what about the warandpeace.txt? what about the result.txt? did you try to pipe the result ?? like > warandpeace.txt ? What is it you are looking for? –  willsteel Oct 3 '12 at 22:05

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Perhaps you are looking for the command:

grep "CHAPTER" warandpeace.txt | head -n 5

Which attempts to find all instances of CHAPTER, but stops after printing the first 5 lines.

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If you mean you want the first 5 occurrences of "CHAPTER", try

grep "CHAPTER" warandpeace.txt | head -5

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Give grep -m 5 "CHAPTER" warandpeace.txt a try

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