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AuditQuery query = auditReader.createQuery()
                     .forRevisionsOfEntity(AB.class, false, true)

The above code retrieves all revisions except RevType DEL revisions as bId column is null.

I have three Tables A, B, and AB. AB table is a relationship table. So AB table has abID as PK, and aId, bID, Revision Info. Whenever B is deleted, it updates AB_AUDv table with revtypeDELand keepsaid,bidasnull`.

To display the deleted B, can anyone suggest me with a modified auditreader query?

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You can either:

  • store data at delete time (Envers docs, org.hibernate.envers.store_data_at_delete)
  • query for the entity at the (revision it was deleted at) - 1.
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Thanks adamw, where should I annotate the org.hibernate.envers.store_data_at_delete=true, –  shashdr Oct 5 '12 at 16:12
I found it , I ve added it to hibernateproperties in applicationcontext-hibernate.xml –  shashdr Oct 5 '12 at 19:05

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