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I would like to color the points in each panel based on the value of z. The code that I currently have does not distinguish the z values from each panel. I realize that I need a panel function and panel.superpose may be helpful, but I am lost.

x <- c(1:10, 1:10)
y <- c(10:1, 10:1)
z <- c(1:10, seq(1,20, by=2))
a = c(rep("one",10),rep("two",10))

xyplot(y ~ x |a,
   panel=function(x,y, ...) {
     panel.xyplot(x,y, pch=20, cex=0.3, col = ifelse(z < 5, "red", "black"))

The correct plot would only have the tope two points red in the "two" panel.

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This should be what you want:

DF <- data.frame(x, y, z, a)

xyplot(y ~ x | a, groups = z < 5, data = DF, col = c("black", "red"),
 pch=20, cex=0.3)

enter image description here

To clarify the ordering of the colors, z < 5 creates a logical vector. Since order(c(TRUE,FALSE)) puts FALSE before TRUE, this determines the ordering of the group colors. Therefore, all values of z<5 take the second color and all other values of z take the first color.

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