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I just started playing around with windows 8 development and I'm trying to figure out how to make a video whose source is from a url pop to full screen from either a button press or by double clicking on the area where the video is playing. Any idea on how to do that? As a followup, i'd also have to be able to minimize it back to it's normal playing window. Any ideas on how to do this using xaml C#?


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The player framework has a boolean property called IsFullScreen to manage the fullscreen state. However, you need to do the work yourself to hide extra elements on the page and/or resize the mediaplayer. The recommended approach is to set this property and handle the IsFullScreenChanged event. For example:

<Grid Style="{StaticResource LayoutRootStyle}" x:Name="LayoutRoot">
        <ColumnDefinition Width="Auto"/>
        <ColumnDefinition Width="*"/>
    <Border x:Name="LeftPanel" Background="Red" Width="40"/>
    <mmppf:MediaPlayer x:Name="player" Grid.Column="1" IsFullScreenVisible="True" Source=""/>

public MainPage()
    player.DoubleTapped += player_DoubleTapped;
    player.IsFullScreenChanged += player_IsFullScreenChanged;

void player_IsFullScreenChanged(object sender, RoutedPropertyChangedEventArgs<bool> e)
    LeftPanel.Visibility = e.NewValue ? Visibility.Collapsed : Visibility.Visible;

void player_DoubleTapped(object sender, DoubleTappedRoutedEventArgs e)
    player.IsFullScreen = !player.IsFullScreen;

Note: there is also a property on MediaPlayer call IsFullScreenVisible that you can set to true to show the fullscreen toggle button in the default control strip.

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I used this code for fullWindow. It works but in full window it uses default transportcontrols

private void MediaPlayer_IsFullScreenChanged(object sender, Windows.UI.Xaml.RoutedPropertyChangedEventArgs<bool> e)
                Microsoft.PlayerFramework.MediaPlayer mp = (sender as Microsoft.PlayerFramework.MediaPlayer);
                mp.IsFullWindow = !mp.IsFullWindow;
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