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I just want to know how to create SQL syntax in MS access.

What I want to do is I am going to select the from the table which name is Employee, where the fieldname (position) is equal to Manager, Supervisor, Acting Supervisor, and the fieldname (status) is equal to active.

My code found below does not work:

SQL = "SELECT * FROM `Employee` WHERE `position`= '" + "Manager" + "' OR `position`= '" + "Supervisor" + "' OR `position`= '" + "Acting Supervisor WHERE `status`= '" +"ACTIVE"'";


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You don't really need all that string concatenation, you're missing a quote after Acting Supervsior, and you can't have the WHERE keyword twice - use AND instead.

SQL = "SELECT * FROM `Employee` WHERE (`position` = 'Manager' OR `position` = 'Supervisor' OR `position` = 'Acting Supervisor') AND `status` = 'ACTIVE'";


You could also simplify the logic a bit by using the IN keyword:

SQL = "SELECT * FROM `Employee` WHERE `position` IN ('Manager', 'Supervisor', 'Acting Supervisor') AND `status` = 'ACTIVE'";
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boom! you save my day.. thank yo so much :) –  Kenshi Hemura Oct 4 '12 at 0:27

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