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I'm trying to find all c files in /usr and its subdirectories that contain "main" but I cant figure out how to make it start searching from the root. I am assuming that the current directory is not in or is usr. So i tried grep -r "main" /usr/*.c Any suggestions? Thanks.

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find /usr -name "*.c" -exec grep -l main {} \;

Is the simple minded version that individually greps each .c file in /usr and outputs it's name.

You could improve it by using xargs to reduce the calls to grep:

find /usr -name "*.c" | xargs grep -l main
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You can also do find ... -exec grep -l main () +. Using + instead of \; tells find to run the command with multiple filenames, similar to the way xargs works. – Barmar Oct 4 '12 at 0:44
Nice: didn't know that trick! – John3136 Oct 4 '12 at 0:58
find $WHERETOLOOK -type f -iname "*.c" | xargs grep main


$ find / -type f -iname "*.txt" 2> /dev/null | xargs grep INST | head -n 3
grep: /opt/android-sdk/SDK/opt/sun-jdk- message for DATA_SQLDATA_READ_INSTANTIATION_EXCEPTION.
/opt/sun-jdk-        - When a log record is encountered, set newFileStart to INVALID_LOG_INSTANT.

$ find /usr/share/ -type f -iname "*.txt" | xargs grep INST | head -n 3
/usr/share/webapps/phpmyadmin/   mkdir ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/config
/usr/share/webapps/phpmyadmin/   chown ${VHOST_SERVER_UID}:${VHOST_SERVER_UID} ${MY_INSTALLDIR}/config
xargs: grep: terminated by signal 13
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If you installed ack (known as ack-grep in Debian/Ubuntu), you could simply run ack -l --cc main from /usr and you'd get your result.

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