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I used to write database-agnostic stored procedures by creating them in master with the sp_ prefix and referring to dbo.sysobjects, which at runtime would bind to whatever database I happened to be in.

eventually I tried to migrate my code to use the newer, friendlier sys.tables, however, that binds to the database where the stored proc was compiled and thus returns the wrong data.


use master
create proc sp_test
   select name
   from   sys.tables
use MyOtherDb
exec sp_test

will yield a list of the tables in master NOT in MyOtherDb - consequently when writing this stuff now I'm obligated to wrap my code in a string and execute it dynamically, which is particularly difficult once I'm already a layer or two deep in code that writes code.

anyone have a solution to this problem? I'm sure I'm not the only guy out there that has bashed his head against this!

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ah! I need to mark as a system object:

exec sp_MS_marksystemobject 'sp_test'

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