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To better understand the difference between textConent and nodeValue I'd like to find out why using nodeValue in my code is not working. I have the following XML string which gets loaded through AJAX via a jQuery callback. If you look at the center of the loop, that section will produce a null value if I use nodeValue in place of textContent.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

I use this function below to parse the XML.


  function parseSensors(data,status,xhr) {
         var xml = xhr.responseXML;
         var sensors = xml.documentElement.childNodes;

         var list="<ul>";             
         for(var i=0; i < sensors.length; i++) {
             list= list +"<li>"+sensors[i].childNodes[0].textContent+"</li>";                 
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I had the same problem what Usman said is corrent: stackoverflow.com/questions/23816032/… –  ericsicons May 22 at 21:16

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The text portion of a node is actually a child of the node itself. If a node has no data in it, such as then a call to childNodes[0].nodeValue will fail. You need to check for how many childNodes are actually present before you attempt to access them. Otherwise you'll need to enforce a protocol that demands that when XML data is created it cannot contain empty tags.

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