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I'm working with the express checkout API for a simple cart. I use the callback parameter to provide a secure URL that PayPal should hit expecting both shipping options and tax rates in return. On a desktop browser this process works as expected, however it does not hit the callback URL when tested on a mobile browser, particularly iOS 6. Any ideas? PayPal tech support doesn't have any.

Thanks, Howie

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As far as I'm aware the mobile Express Checkout and Payments Standard flows don't currently support the Instant Update Callback API.
At least definitely for PayPal Payments Standard; https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/products/mobile-paypal-payments-standard

Unsupported Use Cases Mobile PayPal Payments Standard is in the process of extending support for the merchant customizations listed below. Until then your customers will still be able to make payments via mobile devices but will not be presented with the mobile optimized checkout experience. For now only merchants integrated with 'Buy Now' buttons or third party shopping carts (using “Cart Upload”) will benefit from Mobile PayPal Payments Standard unless they use a customization listed below.

Merchant Customizations that are currently not supported:

Instant Update API

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