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I have a json object that roughly looks like this:

data = \
   'id' : 10000 ,
   'title' : 'Sample Article',
   'authors' : [
          'id' : 20000,
          'name' : 'John Doe'
          'id' : 20001,
          'name' : 'Jane Doe'

While looping the data.authors , i need to simultaneously access both the root id ( and the local id (data.authors[author].id)

Is this possible with Mustache ?

My current workaround is to just duplicate the into data.article_id , as accessing variables a level up seem to be accessible in the spec and in practice. i couldn't find anything regarding variable naming conditions though.

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If you pass the article in as a namespaced object, you can:

data = {
  article: {
    id: 10000,
    title: 'Sample Article',
    authors: [
      { id: 20000, name: 'John Doe' },
      { id: 20001, name: 'Jane Doe' }

Then you can do something like this:

{{# article.authors }}
  Article ID: {{ }}
  Author ID:  {{ id }}
{{/ article.authors }}

If you want to keep the "article" as the rendering context, wrap your whole template in an {{# article }} section, and you'll be able to refer to the authors as {{# authors }}, while still having access to {{ }} when you need it.

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thanks! that's exactly what i want to do. – Jonathan Vanasco Oct 4 '12 at 6:30

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