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I'm reading in binary data that might possibly consist of 64 bit floats ("doubles") in the Big Endian byte-order. I read them individually into a buffer of the type Float64 using the getBytes:range: method of NSData. Now I would like to change the byte order to Little Endian. For integers, this is easily possible using the Core-Foundation function CFSwapIntXX(), with XX being the number of bits. But there are no corresponding methods for floats. What is the preferred way to do this?

I tried to "force" a 64bit double as an argument to the function CFSwapInt64() by previously memcopying it into an int64_t variable and then back again to the double value. It works correctly, but this seems rather brutal to me. Is there no method that comes with the standard framework?

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The direct support for floats uses a platform-independant format, see Byte Order Utilities. However the way you are doing it is fine, the "integer" in the swap functions isn't relevant - the functions operate on so many bytes regardless of how those bytes will be interpreted.

To avoid the ugly byte copies you can use a union:

typedef union { Float64 floatValue; int64_t intValue; } FloatBuffer;

Fill this and byte swap it using the intValue field and read out the value using the floatValue field.

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