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I'm noticing that display:table on a div will cause its width calculation to have rounding issues, which is odd because I am sizing at 100%.


Note that the upper section has a div with width of 55%, with a nested display:table div of width 100%. The nested div does not extend to the edge of its parent (note the white bleed-through of the parent div).

The lower section is exactly the same, except the nested div is not set to display:table, and there is no bleed through.

Why does display:table affect the width calculation, especially at 100%? Is there a way for me to work around this? My current thought is to just set the width to 101% and set overflow to hidden...

Note: I am using Chrome. IE seems to be okay, at least at the given size.

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Percentage units are converted to pixels internally and each browser does it differently. If the solution works today, go with it, but be aware it may not apply tomorrow.

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