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I'm using a nicescroll a plugin that I use to create scrollbars on divs.

var nice = $("#postscroller").getNiceScroll()[0];

First I activate the div to be scrolled. Then I save the nicescroll instance to the nice variable.

When I test the scroll event to see wether the scroll.y is being fired when I scroll to the bottom I get some numbers but not 134 which is nice.scrollvaluemax in the div I'm testing.

I do get however 134 when I'm at the bottom and I scroll upwards.

Any idea on how can I get 134 when scrolling to the bottom?


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you get other numbers because you are not at the bottom when you scroll down...

probably related to your current position when the scroll is fired.

post more code.

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I added an if condition I have. I think you're right about y not being at the bottom when it scrolls. I was thinking on a timer maybe that checks scroll.y sometime after the scroll stops. –  madprops Oct 4 '12 at 1:37
If I check scroll.y after the scroll stops it does give me 134 –  madprops Oct 4 '12 at 1:40

I fixed it by calling this at the scroll event

var postscrollertimer = (function() {
    var timer; 
    return function() {
        timer = setTimeout(function() 
                //do stuff
        }, 1000);
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