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I have several Jenkins matrix projects in where I output benchmark results (i.e. execution times) in a CSV file. I'd like to plot these execution times as a function of the build number, so I can see if my projects are regressing over time.

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I can confirm Plot Plugin is a correct and quite useful approach. BTW, it supports CSV as well: plot configuration example

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I've been using it for several years without any problem. Benchmarks results were generated as a property file. Benchmark id (series id) was used as a key and result as a value. One build produces one result for each benchmark. Having that data it is quite easy to create plot configuration ant track performance.

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Just to precise, you can find a sample CSV files on the project github –  kittikun Nov 10 '14 at 13:17

This may help you:


It adds plotting capabilities to Jenkins.

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