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I have a table named listing_fees

and I want to get the data by the id of 12

the data that I want to get is a BLOB that is named [BLOB - 205B]

inside the BLOB file is an array like this:

a:7:{s:2:"id";s:1:"1";s:5:"label";s:8:"For Sale";s:6:"amount";s:4:"0.00";s:4:"days";s:1:"7";s:6:"images";s:1:"0";s:10:"categories";a:2:{s:3:"all";i:0;s:10:"categories";a:1:{i:0;i:30;}}s:10:"extra_data";N;}

I don't understand a thing on this code.

I want to display it on the frontend of my html using PHP

what will I to display it?

SQL Query or something else.

Please help!

Thank you in advance!

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Looks like a serialized php object. –  Musa Oct 4 '12 at 2:04

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That data is in PHP Serialized format you can decode it using unserialize


$data = 'a:7:{s:2:"id";s:1:"1";s:5:"label";s:8:"For Sale";s:6:"amount";s:4:"0.00";s:4:"days";s:1:"7";s:6:"images";s:1:"0";s:10:"categories";a:2:{s:3:"all";i:0;s:10:"categories";a:1:{i:0;i:30;}}s:10:"extra_data";N;}';
$data = unserialize($data);

echo "<pre>" ;
foreach ( $data as $key => $value ) {
    if ($key == 'categories') {
        echo $key, " = ", $value['categories']['0'], PHP_EOL;
    } else {
        echo $key, " = ", $value , PHP_EOL;


id = 1
label = For Sale
amount = 0.00
days = 7
images = 0
categories = 30
extra_data = 
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The data in the BLOB column appears to be serialized data, not a file. Because of this, you don't want to just "output" it to the page - you'll want to unserialize it (via PHP's unserialize() method) and then process to be displayed, well, however it should be displayed. Taking the exact data you display in your question and passing using unserialize() on it gives me an array with the following:

    [id] => 1
    [label] => For Sale
    [amount] => 0.00
    [days] => 7
    [images] => 0
    [categories] => Array
            [all] => 0
            [categories] => Array
                    [0] => 30


    [extra_data] =>

A simple setup, to query the database and retrieve the column, would be:

$mysqli = new mysqli('localhost', 'username', 'password', 'db');
$result = $mysqli->query('SELECT column_name FROM listing_fees WHERE id = 12');
$data = $result->fetch_assoc();

To use the data that is in the $data array, you can do:

$blob = unserialize($data['column_name']);

Now, you can display the data however you want, accessing each value with $blob['label'] or $blob['days'].

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