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I've got a board with an old VxWorks 6.5 boot loader loading an image over ftp. If I put a new image on ftp built for VxWroks 6.7 (or higher) should that work. My tests so far seem to indicate no. However, I don't yet trust that my new kernel's are good.

EDIT: To troubleshoot I built a VxWorks 6.7 boot loader and made a new boot floppy. The first problem I have is that my VxWorks image is crashing somewhere in the board support package (BSP). I've not gotten to the part where I tweak the configuration to load it with a 6.5 boot loader. It looks like I'll be troubleshooting the BSP that came with the board for a while.

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I know that a 6.5 Bootloader works just fine with a 6.7 VxWorks image.

However, you have to make sure that the settings for the vxWorks image match the settings for the bootloader. The main ones being:

  • RAM settings: RAM_HIGH/RAM_LOW, etc...
  • sysPhysMemTop(),
  • BOOTLINE address

Matching RAM configuration is important if you use the ED&R framework.

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