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I have a class with a layout and a single button. I was wondering if there was a built in method or functionality where I could detect if a booleans value had changed in the function. I could do it with a mess of other booleans but was looking for a more elegant way. I believe it has something to do with 'observers' but am not entirely sure.

a simplified version of the code is as follows:

Class checker{

 boolean test1 = true;
 boolean test2 = true;


checkNow.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {            
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)

//code to manage, and possibly change the value of the booleans test1 and test2.
//is there any built in function in java where i can test to see if the value of the booleans was changed in this actionListener function?


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[is] there was a built in method or functionality where I could detect if a booleans value had changed in the function?

You can do it by encapsulating access to your boolean variables using setters:

private boolean test1 = true;
private boolean test2 = true;

private void setTest1(boolean newTest1) {
    if (newTest1 != test1) {
        // Do something

private void setTest2(boolean newTest2) {
    if (newTest2 != test2) {
        // Do something

Replace all assignments of these variables with calls of setTest1 and setTest2 to get reliable detection of changes in test1 and test2.

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thanks, i was doing something far more complicated with multiple booleans – Katherine Perotta Oct 4 '12 at 2:17

1) make the booleans private
2) access them via getters and setters
3) in the setter: 'if (this.val!=newVal) notify()'

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One option (which might be overkill) would be for the components that are interested in the change in the value of test1 and test2 implement a PropertyChangeListener and register to listen for when the values of these properties are changed.

Here is a tutorial.

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You can use the PropertyChangeListener method in addition to dasblinkenlight's answer to notify other components when a property of your bean changes. – Luhar Oct 4 '12 at 3:31

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