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I wish to get a XML file produced by EndNote into an R data frame.

I would like each final child node (e.g. title, author...) to be a column

An example EndNote xml file is available here:

Example on gist

I have yet to resolve this using library(XML). I am hoping someone has a ready made solution, sorry if this sounds lazy.

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is there any way to save it as a regular endnote .enl file? – Tyler Rinker Oct 4 '12 at 2:09
I think pandoc may have this capability. It can convert it to a .bib file and from there use jabref to export as a csv file. – Tyler Rinker Oct 4 '12 at 2:30
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I had a similar problem to convert to a dataframe. I used xmlToDataFrame on the child nodes.

urldata<-xmlParse(getURL(urldata,ssl.verifypeer = FALSE,.opts=curlOptions(followlocation=TRUE)))

#             database source-app rec-number foreign-keys ref-type
# 1 EndNote Ecology.enl    EndNote      13264        13264       17
# 2 EndNote Ecology.enl    EndNote      13265        13265       17
#        contributors                                  auth-address
# 1    Chapman, A. G. Cent States Forest Expt Stn, Columbus, OH USA
# 2 Strohecker, H. F.                 Univ Chicago, Chicago, IL USA
#                                                                                                     titles
# 1 An ecological basis for reforestation of submariginal lands in the Central Hardwood RegionEcologyEcology
# 2                                          A survey of soil temperatures in the Chicago areaEcologyEcology
#       periodical alt-periodical   pages volume number   dates      isbn
# 1 EcologyEcology EcologyEcology  93-105     18      1 1937Jan 0012-9658
# 2 EcologyEcology EcologyEcology 162-168     18      1 1937Jan 0012-9658
#         accession-num                                           notes
# 1 ISI:000200148800007  V02fg\rTimes Cited:5\rCited References Count:2
# 2 ISI:000200148800014 V02fg\rTimes Cited:5\rCited References Count:14
#                            urls language
# 1 <Go to ISI>://000200148800007  English
# 2 <Go to ISI>://000200148800014  English

There maybe some problems with multiple authors (doesnt occur here) etc if used in general which would require probably a slight change.

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Wow!Though someone out there would have already done the leg work! Thanks a bunch! – Etienne Low-Décarie Oct 4 '12 at 12:27

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