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Is there any way to do a automatic compilation with typescript? Like when using mindscape for CoffeScript? You just save the file and the extension compiles your codes.

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This is supported in VS2012 RTM using the latest WebEssentials 2012 extension (released yesterday with a neat TypeScript double windows editor)


WebEssential2012 Version 3.0 has been stripped of any TypeScript features since it conflicts with the latest improvements of the official TypeScript Visual Studio plugin.

Compile on save is now natively supported by the plugin since TypeScript v0.8.2 and if you edit the project file :

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This is not supported in Visual Studio currently. There is an issue already open on CodePlex to track this issue; you can add your vote there.

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Is it only supported for visual studio pro? – MuriloKunze Oct 4 '12 at 11:21

You can follow the links displayed here:

a warning though: support for TypeScript was removed from Web Essentials

I don't know currently how to compile on save for website projects...

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