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instructions: set amount of money for frozen yogurt. adult will eat a certain ratio to the child. each ounce of yogurt is 0.49. for some reason this isn't working and i can't figure out why. I know which line is causing it trouble, i bolded and italicized it.

#include <stdio.h>

# define SALES_TAX 0.065
# define PRICE_PER_OZ 0.49

int main()
    float totalcash;
    double ratio;
    double totalbeforetax;
    float totalounces;
    double adultounces;
    double childounces;

    //user input for total cash and scanning
    printf("How many dollars do you have for frozen yogurt?\n");

    //scan in total cash
    scanf("%f", &totalcash);

    //user input for ratio and scanning
    printf("What is the ratio of yogurt that you'll get to your child?\n");

    //scan in ratio
    scanf("%lf", &ratio);

    //solve for values
    totalbeforetax = (totalcash)/(1+SALES_TAX);
    totalounces = totalbeforetax/(PRICE_PER_OZ);
    //adultounces = childounces*ratio;
    ***adultounces = (totalounces-adultounces)*(ratio);***
   // childounces = adultounces/ratio;
    childounces = totalounces-adultounces;

    printf("You will get %.2lf ounces of yogurt.\n",adultounces);
    printf("Your child will get %.2lf ounces of yougrt\n", childounces);

    return 0;
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How isn't it working? – Blender Oct 4 '12 at 2:47
The answers it gives me is adult: 18.68 ounces and the child -6.23 when i put in total dollars is 6.50 and ratio is 1.5. it should give me 7.47 and 4.98 – user1676480 Oct 4 '12 at 2:50
adultounces = (totalounces-adultounces)*(ratio); what is this? you calculating value depending on it's previous [non-initialized] value? It could be anything. – keltar Oct 4 '12 at 3:01
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the math is simple:

childounces = totalounces / (1+ratio);
adultounces = totalounces - childounces;
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Thank you so much! I guess I was overthinking it! – user1676480 Oct 4 '12 at 3:10

You haven't initialized adultounces before using it in your calculation. You'll need to do a bit of algebra to figure out how to do the calculation from what you have.


adult + child = ratio*child + child = total
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