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I have 3 radio buttons which when selected, will run different query. I have no idea how the if-else condition works for grails radio buttons as I'm completely new to grails.. this is my gsp page.

<label>Search id:</label><input type = "text" name = "searchid1">
<input type ="submit" name ="search" value ="Go!">


<g:radio name="myGroup" value="input1"/>

<g:radio name="myGroup" value="input2"/>

<g:radio name="myGroup" value="input3"/>

and the queries at the controller site..

String searchQ1 = "select * from alert_list where id = " + params.searchid1
def searchit1 = sql.rows(searchQ1)

String searchQ2 = "select * from Admin where id = " + params.searchid1
def searchit2 = sql.rows(searchQ2)

String searchQ3 = "select * from sec_user where id = " + params.searchid1
def searchit3 = sql.rows(searchQ3)

[searchit1: searchit1, searchit2: searchit2, searchit3: searchit3]
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the method you're using for GSP is correct. However, in the controller you need to add in IF-ELSE statement.

if (request.getParameter("myGroup").equals("input1"))

        redirect (action: radio)


        if (request.getParameter("myGroup").equals("input2"))
            redirect (action: abc)


Add the if-else condition in your controller and your problem will be fixed.

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