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I'm able to plot() in R from a regular terminal, but I can't do so from a tmux pseudo-tty. png() works fine but I can't write to the monitor.

UPDATE: Sorry, there's no error message. R merely fails to "print" to the monitor.

UPDATE 2: ctrl+b :showenv returns

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Having the same issue on mac osx. My $DISPLAY shows the same values in and outside tmux and I can start xterm fine too. R version 3.0.1. –  nikola Jun 8 at 23:15
@nikola I somehow got this to work sometime in the past two years, although I'm not sure what I did. I'll post an answer if I remember—but know that it is possible. –  isomorphismes Jun 9 at 0:56
thanks, I'd appreciate if you post how you got it to work, but I realise it's been a while since you asked first :). Thanks anyhow, I'll also write up an answer here if I get anywhere on my own. –  nikola Jun 10 at 9:50
@nikola Same here. Sorry this Q is not so helpful as it could/should be. –  isomorphismes Jun 10 at 19:08

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It would help if you included the error message, but it sounds like your DISPLAY environment variable isn't set properly inside tmux. Issue echo $DISPLAY from outside your tmux session, and make sure DISPLAY is set to the same thing inside tmux.

You can use the update-environment command in tmux to configure tmux so that it automatically updates particular tmux environment variables with their values from the external environment. See the tmux manpage for details, or search the web for "tmux update-environment" for various other pages that describe this feature.

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Sorry, there is no error message in R. It just doesn't print to the screen. –  isomorphismes Oct 4 '12 at 5:06
echo $DISPLAY within tmux and in regular lxterm both return :0. –  isomorphismes Oct 4 '12 at 5:07
Also: can you do things like xclock or xterm before you start tmux? And after? –  Dirk Eddelbuettel Oct 4 '12 at 13:02

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