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This question already has an answer here:

String query1 =  "START
  MATCH  p=a-[*]-b-[*]-m " + 
  WHERE ALL(r in RELS(p) WHERE r.value >= 200) " 
  +   "WITH a, m, MIN(LENGTH(p)) AS l
  MATCH p=a-[*]-b-[*]-m WHERE ALL(r 
   in RELS(p) WHERE r.value >= 200)" +
  " AND LENGTH(p)=l RETURN p order by length(p) desc "; //limit 2
ExecutionResult eResult = exEngine.execute(query1);

I am using above query to get all paths between two nodes. how can I iterate over returning RelationShips.

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marked as duplicate by Flexo Apr 10 '14 at 14:47

This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.

I did it using following approach, the link posted above helped.

final Iterator rels = eResult.columnAs("p");

        while (rels.hasNext()){
            Path path =;

            Iterable<Relationship>  relationships = path.relationships();
            java.util.Iterator<Relationship> relIterator = relationships.iterator();
            while (relIterator.hasNext()){
                Relationship rel =;
                String aNode = (String) rel.getStartNode().getProperty("name");
                String zNode = (String) rel.getEndNode().getProperty("name");
                Long value = (Long) rel.getProperty("value");
                System.out.println(aNode +" is connected to "+zNode + " with value "+value);


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You can just return rels(p) as rels to just return the relationships. Or nodes(p) ftm.

If you are just interested in the names of the nodes of the path use extract.

return extract(n in nodes(p) : as names
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