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I got the devise invitable installed and working. Trying to figure out how to redirect the user after he/she sent an invitation out. Right now it's redirecting me to the root. I thought you can just set your custom path in the method below but it didn't work. Thanks in advance if anyone know where to customize the path after invite sent.

 def after_invite_path_for(resource)
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I stumbled upon your question because I was having the same issue. As far as I can tell the intended way for you to override after_invite_path_for is to override Devise::InvitationsController.

class Users::InvitationsController < Devise::InvitationsController
  def after_invite_path_for(resource)


devise_for :users, :controllers => { :invitations => "users/invitations" }

It would be nice if devise invitable worked like devise proper and you could override its after invite/accept paths in application controller. I modified devise_invitable to work that way and submitted a pull request. I'm not sure if it will be accepted or not, but you can have a look here:

If that feature is accepted, you could patch your current version of invitable to respect definitions of after invite/accept paths in application controller by putting this in an initializer:

#make invitable's path functions overridable in application controller
[:after_invite_path_for, :after_accept_path_for].each do |method|
  Devise::InvitationsController.send(:remove_method, method) if ApplicationController.method_defined? method
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I'm using devise_invitable with the patch above, but it still doesn't seem to work with an override in ApplicationController. Overriding after_invite_path_for in a Users::InvitationsController works, however the resource is incorrect. I asked the author to re-open the issue.… –  Andy Atkinson Jan 7 '13 at 0:04

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