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Is there Any Report functionality in liferay?i have goggled for this but what i can found is there's only reporting functionality for EE(enterprise edition) but i am using CE(community edition) so anyone know or have implemented reporting functionality or any readymade portlet for reporting in liferay?

I know About Jasper Report but am not much technically sound to java so hard to integrate in my liferay so before go for that i want to be sure that is there any reporting feature provided already in liferay CE?

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This portlet application works with Liferay CE, it runs BIRT reports and has a free edition

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i have implemented jasper reports in ma liferay the solution to my question

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At-least you should have included some of the useful information regarding Jasper reports integration in Liferay. – Parkash Kumar Feb 9 at 7:28

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