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I am using MVC3 and Entity Framework for calling a stored procedure in SQL Server 2008. The procedure has no parameters and in the profiler I get the proc execution as

exec sp_executesql N'sp_GetDashSessionboardRoomTimeSlot', N'@p0 nvarchar(4000)', @p0=NULL

This is how I call in the c# code.

SqlParameter sa = null;
var query = from dashboardData in TBSCIDBContext.Database.SqlQuery<SessionDashboardData>("sp_GetDashSessionboardRoomTimeSlot", sa)
            select dashboardData;

This works fine. But I have changed my database to SQL Server 2005 and I need to use it

So when I call the same procedure using the same C# code the profiler returns the same exec statement but the sql gives error

Incorrect syntax near 'sp_GetDashSessionboardRoomTimeSlot'

pls help me in how to fix this problem as I need to use this stored procedure and in SQL Server 2005

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Side note: you should not use the sp_ prefix for your stored procedures. That prefix is reserved by Microsoft for their own use - this incurs a performance penalty and might result in a collision with a Microsoft provided stored procedure in a future release. –  marc_s Oct 4 '12 at 5:33

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changed it to

var query = from dashboardData in TBSCIDBContext.Database.SqlQuery("sp_GetDashSessionboardRoomTimeSlot") select dashboardData;

it works

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Change the ProviderManifestToken in SSDL (in your EDMX) to 2005. You probably have it set to 2008.

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Hi I am using entity framework code first. Can you please tell me how to do this change and where should I do this change(as I have not used ef before –  user1403505 Oct 26 '12 at 8:41

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