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change button image onclick then return to original image after click

img.button-send {
background: url(img/agentsprite.png) 0 0;
img.button-send:active {
background: url(img/agentsprite.png) 34 174;

      <button type="submit">
      <img class="button-send" src="img/img_trans.gif" width="1" height="1" />

i'm using a sprite for this, and it seems that it won't go to that image position when i click it, is there any way for this to work ? i wan't to have a button effect for this field when pressed.

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hi now used to px value in your background-position image

as like this

img.button-send:active {
background: url(img/agentsprite.png) 34px 174px;

or you can used this also

img.button-send:active {
    background-position:34px 174px;

px value according to your design

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oh so that's what i'm missing' –  telexper Oct 4 '12 at 5:54
it works now gotta have to wait for 10mins before i can accept your ans –  telexper Oct 4 '12 at 5:55

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