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DB2 v10.1 database on WINDOWS 7

I have three tables:

1.table Rase

     id  Rases   Length
     1   Moscow  300
     2   Krasno   400

2.table Plan

    id  Name    Date
    1   ТУ124   10.12.1987
    2   Ан24    10.01.1998

3.table Kril

     ID      COLOR            WEIGH    
      1      green            124,56
      2      blue             187,40
      3      black            231,00

Need to display data in a normalized table ALL_D, as presented below: ID - Primary Key Plan - a reference to Plan.Name Kril - a reference to Kril.Color Race - a reference to Race.Rases Time_Start-departure time (CURRENT TIMESTAMP)

  1. table ALL_D
     ID   Name  Color     Rases        Time_Start
     1   ТУ124  Green     Moscow    2011-10-25-
     2   АН24   Blue      Krasno    2011-10-27-

I do not understand how to perform this task.

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Without understanding exactly what these tables are being used for, it's hard to tell, but I seriously doubt that ALL_D is normalized. I rather suspect it would be de normalized. –  Clockwork-Muse Oct 4 '12 at 15:49
I agree with you. But the job was written in the table ALL_D normalized. Normalized table should look like this: 1 Plan.id Kril.id Rase.id current timestamp –  intertex Oct 4 '12 at 16:05

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This is a basic join query.

insert into all_d
    select rase.id, plan.name, kril.color, rase.rases, 
           current timestamp as time_start
        from rase
        join plan on plan.id = rase.id
        join kril on kril.id = rase.id

join is the same as inner join--only ids that are common to all three tables will be returned.

Update: also added the insert into result table.

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Many thanks for your help!!!:) –  intertex Oct 4 '12 at 15:57

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