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I'm using Eclipse Juno, Tomcat 7. I cannot add my project to the server, it always said: there are no resources that can be added or removed from the server. I tried to solve it by changing the .project file, following the instruction here http://greatwebguy.com/programming/eclipse/converting-a-java-project-to-a-dynamic-web-project-in-eclipse/

However there's no Project Facets button shown when Project Properties dialog is shown, pls see attached screenshot. enter image description here What am I missing? thanks

PS: I'm aware this was asked, but my problem hasn't been solved following the steps listed in there Converting a Java Project to a Dynamic Web Project

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Eclipse doesn't see your test-app as a project. So far, it is just a folder under Tomcat v7.0 Server.

Did create the project in Eclipse originally? Then you can make it a project (in the Eclipse sense) again by importing it: File -> Import -> (General) -> Existing project into Workspace. Then select the root folder containing the .project file.

Otherwise, you have to create a new Java project and add the existing source and configuration files.

In either case, when you have your project in the workspace, you can select it, choose Project -> Properties and then you can edit its facets.

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The project test-app was a zip file I grabbed from a tutorial. I created a brand-new project, then manually added the files. The Project Facets now shows. Tks –  Tung Mai Le Oct 5 '12 at 3:57

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