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I'm not sure if I'm missing something or my installation is broken or it's a bug.

The problem: following the storyboards tutorial:


doesn't work. The part where I'm supposed to close the IB and see generated .cs file in MonoDevelop doesn't happen.

I did this several different ways, restarted the computer per one source's suggestion, tried closing, quitting everything in every order per other suggestions.

What doesn't work is adding a new View Controller in IB and closing the storyboard should cause new .cs and .h files to be generated but they aren't

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I guess I missed the minute detail of assigning a Custom Class name for the view controllers.

Make sure you select the view controller in IB (not some view inside) and set the Custom Class (not Label) to a name you wish. Save and close IB, MonoTouch should now generate .cs file

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