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I am trying to run a Python script on a Windows 7-64 bit machine using Cygwin. I can't get the newest version of Python installed in this environment.


  • How do I uninstall Python 2.6
  • Which Python package should I use for Cygwin?
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To uninstall the python interpreter (or any other program) from cygwin:

  • run the setup.exe file (the one you downloaded for installing cygwin)
  • make sure the installation folder matches your cygwin location
  • on the package selection screen, find the package you want to uninstall (here python)
  • Change it's state from keep to uninstall by clicking on it 3 times
  • click next to launch the uninstall

As for now, python 2.7 is not ported for cygwin. The latest python 2 version is 2.6.8-2. However, python 3.2 is ported, so you should check if your script is compatible.

you can have python 2 and 3 installed at the same time on cygwin, the first can be fired with the classic python command, and the latter with python3

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Thanks for the excellent response. –  Noman Oct 5 '12 at 22:30
Thanks for the response. I apologize for not replying last year! :) –  Noman Aug 28 '13 at 19:24

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