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How to add a data to a json store if my data is coming from a back end AJAX call.

my store is as follows .

Ext.define('MyApp.store.GeographyMasterStore', {    extend: 'Ext.data.Store',

requires: [

config: {
    model: 'MyApp.model.GeographyMasterModel',
    storeId: 'geographyMasterStore',
    proxy: {
        type: 'ajax',
        reader: {
            type: 'json'

And my model is as follows :

Ext.define('MyApp.model.GeographyMasterModel', {
extend: 'Ext.data.Model',

config: {
    fields: [
            name: 'Code'
            name: 'Description'
            name: 'Level_Code',
            mapping: 'Level Code'
            name: 'Name'

If i add the data like this

var geographyMasterStore = Ext.getStore('geographyMasterStore');
geographyMasterStore.add(<data from backend AJAX call>);

it does not show me the mapped field i.e. Level_Code

Can you please help me .

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You need create a model:

var record = Ext.create('model.GeographyMasterModel', Ext.JSON.decode(response.responseText));

save the model:


reload the store:


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it does not allow me to create a model with above code. it gives the following error. –  Deepak Patil Oct 5 '12 at 4:48
My concern here is that i am not getting the field Level_Code which is mapped to the Level Code field. you can see that in model code. –  Deepak Patil Oct 5 '12 at 5:21

Usually I when add a record to the store like this :

Ext.create('App.model.MyModel', JSON.parse(response.responseText);

Where response is the response from an Ext.Ajax.request

Hope this helps

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how can i add the data like this to a store , i have a store predefined and a model also, here you are creating a new model. –  Deepak Patil Oct 4 '12 at 11:35

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