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Basically I have a view which is having below query as a part of view .

SELECT site_id ch_site_id 
  FROM bfg_router_pi_details 
 WHERE last_modified_date > (SELECT MAX (last_time_stamp) 
                               FROM saa_bfg_feed_ctl)

Now in this query bfg_router_pi_details is a view in another database and saa_bfg_feed_ctl is a table in same database from we are firing this query.

Now when This query is fired like above using inner query in where clause, it takes 2 hours to finish as it is going over the db link. however if i replace the inner query with the actual date value it takes 2 minutes. so I am trying to see if there is any way that I can define a variable in view and assign the last time stamp value to that variable and then replace that variable in the where clause of the query so that execution become s faster. hope you understood the problem in hand.

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It's probably because Oracle is choosing the remote site as the driving site for the query. Try this hint to tell it to run the query from the local site:

SELECT /*+DRIVING_SITE(saa_bfg_feed_ctl) */
       site_id ch_site_id 
FROM bfg_router_pi_details 
WHERE last_modified_date > (SELECT MAX (last_time_stamp) 
                           FROM saa_bfg_feed_ctl)

I'm not 100% sure on this off the top of my head - if you post a plan for your query might be able to help further.

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there are many ways how to do it but surely all of them require plsql programming. The most simple one is to create a package where a variable with your MAX is assigned before you make the query to the view. so the view will look like

 SELECT MAX (last_time_stamp) 
 into your_package.your_variable
 FROM saa_bfg_feed_ctl

may be you need no_data_found but it's not my cup of tea

SELECT site_id ch_site_id 
  FROM bfg_router_pi_details 
 WHERE last_modified_date > your_package.your_variable

You could use user plsql context by the same way so please consider about it the original documentation -

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+1 But your example incorrectly implies it is possible to directly reference a package variable in a SQL statement. You will need to write a function to retrieve the value. – Jon Heller Oct 5 '12 at 2:53
Thanks for pointing it out. That's why I mentioned contexts as well. – Alexander Tokarev Oct 5 '12 at 6:17

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