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Is there a VIM absolute (registers, marks, undo history, tags) bar or tree toggle ?

I mean, like the tag-bar, but with subsections. Having the primary sections to be the followings, custom marks, custom registers, custom records, undo history (as the Gundo plug-in). So undo the bar, we can go to a mark, execute a record, yank or paste a register, etc.....

If there is not, would anyone like to help me build it??? Or just, help me with good starting tutorials for vim plug-in building, since it'll be the first one that I'll make.

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You may try to split your windows and open individual plugins in each pane. – gokcehan Oct 4 '12 at 8:13
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No, there's nothing like that, what would be the point of such a monster?

Aren't :marks, :registers, :changes, :undolist… enough?

Anyway, you should start by getting familiar with Vim's built-in documentation: :help eval contains all the raw info you will need.

Steve Losh's Learn Vimscript the Hard Way is a really great third party ressource and the Vim Wiki can be useful, too.

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Though plugins like tagbar and Gundo efficiently display information in a side bar, like IDEs, this is mostly a concession to what today's users are used to, but not a fundamental way to use vi(m). Marks and registers are meant to be memorized by their names (a..z), with the :marks, :registers, etc. commands to provide you a refresher after a long break / the next day.

There are many plugins (e.g. for automatic mark management and visualization), but I would recommend to use them sparingly. It's definitely a "smell" if you want to turn Vim into a full-blown IDE. Please don't.

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