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I have a .NET remoting server which has multiple registered well known types:

<wellknown type="VS.WorkingClass, WorkingClass" objectUri="WorkingClass.rem" mode="SingleCall"/>
<wellknown type="VS.BrokenClass, BrokenClass" objectUri="BrokenClass.rem" mode="SingleCall"/>

When I execute RemotingConfiguration.Configure(configFile) and loop through WellKnownServiceTypeEntry instances from RemotingConfiguration.GetRegisteredWellKnownServiceTypes(), entry for WorkingClass has its ObjectType set but BrokenClass hasn't. Both classes are included as project references in the server project and I get no error messages. Any ideas what could cause this?

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This was a really stupid mistake on my part. type attribute of course needs information in format "type, assembly" and my classes were located in assemblies which were not named WorkingClass or BrokenClass. Unfortunately RemotingConfiguration didn't throw an exception about not finding the class. Maybe there is a reason for this but I'm now just happy that I can continue on with my work.

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